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Fixxr for your Business Fleet Maintenance

There are more questions than answers regarding fleet management and vehicle repair. Like most fleet managers, you want to ensure your business stays mobile. But as your vehicle list grows, so does the amount of time it takes to track repairs for each vehicle. It’s tedious to communicate personally with

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How to maintain your engine in good condition

You probably don’t think much about how your engine works, but it is simple: The engine takes the fuel you put in your fuel tank and “burns” it to make your car move. To keep this vital piece of equipment running like new, you need to maintain it properly. It

Green coolant being poured into car engine

Let’s talk a little about coolant.

Look no further than here if you’ve ever wondered what coolant is and why you need it. You may have heard the terms antifreeze and coolant before, but do you know what they mean? I’ll go into detail about each of these words, then elaborate on why exactly you put

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