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A pre-purchase inspection is an essential service for you.

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A Pre-Purchase Inspection is a critical assessment of the condition of a vehicle taken before purchase. Fixxr mobile mechanic can be performed at the seller’s facility or one of our affiliated workshops and provides an honest evaluation of the vehicle’s overall condition. The buyer has many benefits when a pre-purchase inspection is done before purchase. Some benefits are:

  • Insurance: You are purchasing insurance on your investment.
  • Negotiation Clause: It gives you more confidence in negotiating prices for repairs you may need on the vehicle.
  • Resale Value: The report will maintain the resale value of your vehicle if you choose to sell it later.
  • Money Saved: You can save money that could have been spent paying costly repairs down the road or buying a lemon car in poor condition.

A pre-purchase inspection will give you the assurance that there are no surprises with your car.

A vehicle inspection gives you the peace of mind that your prospective car has no hidden surprises. Many crooked sellers will try to hide many sins with pretty paint and a fresh coat of wax, but they can’t keep those secrets from an experienced mechanic who knows what to look for.

Has the car been in an accident? An inspection will give you a clear picture of any damage that may have occurred to the frame, engine, or body. An accident history can be the difference between hundreds or thousands of rands spent on repairs.

Does it run properly? Before buying the vehicle, a proper inspection will alert you if anything is wrong with the brakes, transmission, cooling system, electrical system, suspension, or other significant components. Mechanical problems are expensive and time consuming to repair.

Is it safe to drive? Even some new cars can have hidden defects due to design errors and manufacturing problems such as faulty airbags and seatbelts that could cause serious injury in case of an accident. A proper inspection will point out any safety issues before they become dangerous problems.

A pre-purchase inspection will find potential issues before they become expensive to fix.

A professional vehicle inspection can ensure that you are buying a car in good condition and has not been in a significant accident. If a vehicle has been involved in an accident, this may not be apparent to the untrained eye.

An inspection will find problems and potential issues before they become expensive to fix; however, it will not guarantee that the vehicle is free of any mechanical faults. An expert check could reveal rust or other damage and tell if the tyres and brakes are worn or if there are other signs of wear and tear. The mechanic will also test all lights, electrical systems, the engine, water leaks and any signs of accident damage.

However, you should note that an inspection will only give you an overview of a vehicle’s condition at one point in time—things can deteriorate between assessments.

For this reason (and many others), it’s always good to take your new car for regular check-ups with a trusted mechanic or dealer after purchase.

When sold, cars often show their best side but fail to mention any faults or problems.

Do you know how the saying goes? You can’t judge a book by its cover, especially for a used car. The used car owner might have spiffed it up to impress you, so don’t be too dazzled by a shiny paint job or spotless interior. Remember: the seller of a car is putting their best foot forward and trying to sell their vehicle to you.

This means that even if there are minor problems with the vehicle, the seller could hide them from view, e.g. an engine problem. If there are significant problems with the car, however—such as an oil leak—you should smell them before seeing them and will probably be able to notice them right away.

It’s crucial to inspect a used car because sometimes cars can look great (like they’ve been cared for) but have more significant issues that are harder or impossible to fix.

Ask for a pre-purchase inspection before the sale.

As a buyer, you can request a vehicle inspection before the sale. This gives you bargaining power if the seller is reluctant.

For example, find your dream car but don’t want to buy it without an inspection. Suppose it passes the assessment, of course. In that case, you can offer to pay for the examination and even put down a deposit on the vehicle. This would convince most sellers that you are serious about buying their car if everything checks out.

If your seller is still reluctant, there are a few things they might be concerned about:

  • You might not buy their car or try to get them to drop the price after seeing what it will cost to address some issues.
  • It could show previously unknown problems and give them more hassle with selling their vehicle in the future.

Even cheap cars need inspections due to unexpected mechanical failures and costly repairs. And expensive cars with low mileage should be inspected because they could have unseen underlying issues that need immediate attention. Although these concerns may seem valid, this shouldn’t stop anyone from wanting a thorough inspection before spending tens of thousands of rands on a used vehicle—especially one with high mileage or an unfamiliar brand name where maintenance plans may be hard to come by.

If, for example, a seller claims an issue has been fixed, or there was never an issue in the first place, an inspection can easily prove or disprove their claims.

A pre-purchase inspection can give you peace of mind by backing up any seller’s claims regarding the vehicle. If, for example, a seller claims an issue has been fixed, or there was never an issue in the first place, an inspection can easily prove or disprove their claims. An inspection can also reveal problems that may not have been disclosed to you by the seller. Or, in some cases, issues that the seller was not aware of.

Fixxr Mobile Mechanics provides Pre-Purchase Inspections at competitive prices.

  • Do you know what’s better than getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection? Getting one at a great price. That’s why Fixxr Mobile Mechanics is proud to offer fair prices on PPIs.
  • Fixxr is the newest mobility as a service (MaaS) startup. It brings experienced mobile mechanics directly to customers to provide maintenance, inspections, and repairs on their vehicles. With Fixxr, there’s no need to pay for expensive rental cars while your car is in the shop or take time off work to transport your vehicle—Fixxr comes to you at a time that suits you.
  • We know your vehicle investment is essential. It can feel overwhelming trying to find an honest mechanic who offers you peace of mind when making such a big purchase decision. All our mechanics are highly qualified with years of experience in automotive servicing and repair and extensive diagnostic expertise across all makes and models of vehicles. They’re friendly professionals who can’t wait to help make sure you drive away with confidence knowing you’ve made the right decision.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection of your car is an essential part of buying a new car.

Before purchasing, a pre-purchase inspection is vital to learn about a car’s history. Whether you’re buying from a dealer or a private party, you want to know what condition it’s in and how much it will cost to fix.

Some people don’t understand why they should pay for an inspection on a car they may not buy. It’s important because:

  • After purchasing your vehicle, you won’t have to worry about any surprise repairs. The inspection will let you know if any problems need attention now or soon.
  • It will help you negotiate a better price for the vehicle. Once you get the results of your inspection report, alerting the seller can be used as leverage when negotiating the cost of the car or asking them to repair items before purchasing.

What happens during a pre-purchase inspection?

When it comes to used cars, most dealers and private sellers won’t allow someone else’s mechanic to look at them until after purchase. A pre-purchase inspection is typically done by a mechanic who comes out and does the inspection at their shop or the mobile mechanic unit that comes out and inspects at your home or workplace (which is what we do). This allows both parties involved in the transaction (buyer and seller) to ensure everything goes smoothly without worrying about anything suspicious once they hand over their keys.

The inspector will look at all major components in your car, such as:

  • tires, brake pads/rotors/callipers/lines etc.,
  • suspension components like struts and shocks;
  • engine oil level and condition;
  • check for leaks under the hood, including radiator hoses/belts;
  • transmission fluid dipstick readings which indicate any possible transmission problems;
  • test drive vehicle paying close attention to steering wheel alignment issues with steering wheel adjustment;
  • check engine warning light for trouble codes stored in-vehicle computer;
  • interior damage, including seats, broken seat belts etc.;
  • windshield wipers are working correctly along with exterior lighting systems.

Hopefully, after reading our article, you are convinced that a Pre-Purchase Inspection is an essential component of the car buying process. The peace of mind and financial savings from knowing the vehicle is worth your money and more than likely worth the price you pay will be anything but regretful. Book a pre-purchase inspection with Fixxr on our website or call us at 060 043 4632.

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